Th’ Wildcat of Sheffield; unshielded, 3 Stars

Th’ Wildcat of Sheffield; unshielded
Hope Theatre
23rd to 27th August, 2021

“She’s outrageous, she’s unshielded and she’s back on the prowl. Join Th’ Wildcat of Sheffield as she attempts to save the arts for all O.A.P entertainers across the land. She was safely shielding in her Granny-flat when a call came from Sonia Friedman, enlisting her to star in this brand new, one off, cabaret performance. She will tackle topics such as Motherhood, Sex, Ageing, Lockdown, Keeping Fit, Fame & (most importantly) a call to arms to get Boris a hairbrush. Nothing is off limits. All done with her signature “wit that could cut glass” (London Pub Theatres,2019) and a cup of Yorkshire Tea in hand. In her own words: “Don’t miss it loves, I could be dead come Christmas”.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

Looking like Dame Hilda Bracket, Th’Wildcat of Sheffield awaits on stage while the audience arrive for this “evening with” style performance. With topics covering the bawdy and the rude, Joshua Welch doesn’t shy away from material you might find in a gay bar on a Sunday afternoon after many a G&T.

The pace is uplifting, and the patter flows. With some songs along the way.

But it’s the songs that struggle to work when the singing is so off-pitch. Aided by Holly Musgrave on an electric keyboard. The lyrics were filthy and the audience liked it that way.

Passionate performance, lots of fun, and some in-yer-face acting but I did want more vocal skills to round off the talent.

Writer and performer: Joshua Welch
Director: Toby Hampton
Live Music from: Holly Musgrave

Trailer of a previous production: Click here