The Grift, 3 Stars

conceived, written and directed by Tom Salamon

“Dropping its audience of just 50 a show into the middle of an adventure in which they are trained in the art of the con, participants will meet

characters, solve clues and get a masterclass in the ways of the grifter, all in the interest pulling off one final swindle to take down a seamy

criminal mastermind. They will have their intelligence tested and get trained in scams like The Pig In The Poke, The Round-The Corner, and

The Money Swap…but in the end will they be sharp enough to take down an evil genius at his own game? An experience unlike anything ever

performed on a stage, The Grift will sweep its audience into a thrilling adventure, turning everyday theatergoers into master con men. And when

the show ends? They’ll be released back into the world with a whole new skill set—one that can pay off for years to come.”

Review by the Decadent Designer, 3 Stars

In writer/director Tom Salamon’s programme introduction to The Grift, his new immersive show currently co-habiting with the day-to-day goings on at The Town Hall Hotel, he sets the bar high for himself and his team: an evening that will not only entertain but genuinely educate you on the inner-workings, the secret ruses and techniques, of the world of the scammer. Such that you might then go out into the world and use them to your own nefarious ends. I can’t say that I walked out feeling ready to take on the mantle of ‘the grifter’ myself, but I certainly had an enjoyable evening.

The show is designed with collaborative fun in mind, never missing an opportunity to get strangers working together or to involve its participants in the cons that are being enacted and for this it should be applauded. Its plot is then and it’s characters paper thing – there is very little pretends made about the artificiality of the endeavour however for a show of this nature this is probably for the best – nothing worse than a po-faced actor trying his most earnest to convince you the flimsy con you are taking part of is a matter of life or death and not simply a frivolous evening out.

From a design perspective the show is minimal (there is no lighting or set designer listed) and this is because the production instead makes extensive use of The Town Hall Hotel’s various nooks and crannies. With the exception of a projected video message and a smattering of props and costumes, the bulk of the entertainment comes from the actors, and more crucially, the people you end up with in your ‘team’ (make sure you go with some of your more lively friends – otherwise you could be in for a long night)

Ultimately an untaxing but enjoyable evening that, mercifully, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Dylan Allcock (The Only Jew in England, Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch)
Ged Forrest (Evanesce and Project Mayhem, Secret Theatre)
Rachel Harper (The Edinburgh Test, Missmanaged Theatre)
Laura Kirman (Mischief Theatre’s The Play That Goes Wrong, Peter Pan Goes Wrong and Mischief Movie Night, all West End)
Alastair Kirton (Mischief Theatre’s The Play That Goes Wrong, West End and tour, Accomplice, Menier Chocolate Factory, Goosebumps Alive, The Vaults, The Changing Room, Royal Court)
Daniel Millar (Mischief Theatre’s The Play That Goes Wrong, West End, Goosebumps Alive, The Vaults, Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man and Against Captain’s Orders, King Lear and Edward II, National Theatre)
Kevin Moore (Take 2 and Crocodiles In Cream, both Jermyn Street Theatre, The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui, Bridewell Theatre)
Mark Oosterveen (Breaking the Code, Royal Exchange Theatre, Love’s Comedy, Orange Tree Theatre).

The Grift, conceived, written and directed by Tom Salamon – making his return to the UK after immersive successes Accomplice at the Menier Chocolate Factory and Goosebumps Alive in The Vaults at Waterloo – is produced by award-winning Danielle Tarento (Titanic, Ragtime, Le Grand Mort, Dogfight).

Further Information

Danielle Tarento presents

Town Hall Hotel
Patriot Square
Bethnal Green
London E2 9NF

Tuesday 23 January – Sunday 25 March

Show schedule:

Tuesday – Friday at 8pm

Saturday at 2pm, 5pm, 8pm

Sunday at 2pm, 5pm

Prices: All ticket prices includes a free cocktail during the show

Ticket only:

Previews (23 – 25 January) £32

Tuesday – Thursday at 8pm, Saturday & Sunday at 2pm £42

Friday at 8pm, Saturday art 5pm & 8pm, Sunday at 5pm £48

Regular Meal Deals:

(includes a two-course set menu meal in the Corner Restaurant)

Previews (23 – 25 January) £54

Tuesday – Thursday at 8pm,

Saturday & Sunday at 2pm £64

Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 8pm, £70

Premium Meal Deals

(includes a glass of champagne on arrival, a two-course set menu

meal in the Corner Restaurant and a programme signed by the cast)

Previews (23 – 25 January) £69

Tuesday – Thursday at 8pm, Saturday & Sunday at 2pm £79

Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 8pm, £85

Box office:

Today Tix: direct booking URL

All tickets must be purchased in advance. No door sales.

Online booking will close 2 hours before each performance.

Meal deal must be purchased a minimum of 48 hours in advance.


Twitter: @TheGriftUK

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