This Is Not Culturally Significant, 5 Stars

This Is Not Culturally Significant
The Bunker Theatre
15th May to 3rd June 2017

“Performed entirely nude, Scott-Rowley has created a show for thrill-seekers, putting himself in an eye-opening state of vulnerability. It is both uncomfortable to watch and mesmeric, leaving audiences’ emotions balancing on a knife edge. From a mendacious Spiritualist Lecturer to a despondent American Porn Star on the brink of her retirement, over 10 characters take the audience on a journey from emotional despair to helpless laughter.

Following a highly successful run at VAULT Festival, where it was awarded ‘Show of the Week’, Out of Spite Theatre presents the transfer of the critically acclaimed, Edinburgh Fringe sell-out, This Is Not Culturally Significant..

Written, directed and performed by Adam Scott-Rowley (Anna; Macbeth; Lady Anna: All at Sea, Park Theatre and National Tour), This Is Not Culturally Significant. is a brutally intense, darkly comic one-man show that reveals the bizarre, compulsive and eccentric nature of humanity. This thunderous, high energy piece of theatre combines dark clowning and deeply grotesque bouffon to create a sharp political comment on contemporary society.”

Writer/Performer: Adam Scott-Rowley
Produced by Out of Spite Productions
Co-Producer: Jamie Alexander Eastlake
Lighting and Operator: Matt Cater
Sound Design: Greame Pugh

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

How can you describe something like this? It’s hard to describe because it’s so unique, clever, fearless, brave, naked, insane and talented. Adam Scott-Rowley has really put himself out there to portray so many characters in just 50 minutes, changing character roles sometimes mid-word, and all performed without props or even costume. I know nobody else who can do that! Just by posture, mannerisms, facial expressions, accent and voice tone through short scenes he takes us with him on each individual character’s story. There is no Set. And all done totally naked. His entire body becomes the character – each one demanding in their own right and in completely different mannerisms. What an incredble actor to take on such a challenge and nail it!!!

The show is supported by some wonderful lighting (Matt Cater) which clearly states location – if you’re in a basement flat, out on the street, in a nightclub or in a police station. Into the show mix are some superb sound effects from Graeme Pugh highlighting a concert hall, indoors, or on the street. There are float mics and hidden mics so the live echo comes and goes when needed. All Cued perfectly into this fast-paced show! The light Haze just the right amount to show the beams of light and aid atmosphere.

In the 1st scene, Adam is a female sex worker who plies her trade online. With the most expressive toe movements and colourful rhetoric you’re in no doubt what she’s upto – and all Adam has is his naked self sat on a stool. We’re then introduced to an elderly man sitting on his porch, a crack smoking homeless Glaswegian Woman, a spiritualist lecturer, a man in a nightclub who’s “on the spectrum”, a lesbian woman who sings like an Opera Singer while missing her partner Bunny, a posh woman from Chichester, a throat cancer riddled WestEnd Producer…….switching at break-neck speed from one to the other. And each time we re-visit the character a little more of their story unfolds.

In amongst the comedy comes the drama, and with the audience eating our of the palm of his hand, Adam then takes some of the character’s stories to some very dark places!

Some of the audience might buy a ticket because they’ve heard it stars a young handsome naked man. And why not. However, even if that is the reason you’ll quickly get past that fact once you see Adam perform. His perforance will enthrall you! If you’re not so interested to see a naked young man perform then still buy a ticket to see his incredible talent. Either way, buy a ticket and go!

So, so clever!!! Rivetting Stuff! Don’t miss this show! You’ll never see anything so impressive!

(Photo Credit Bessell McNamee)