Torsten the Beautiful Libertine, Above the Stag, 2-27/3/16

Directed by Robert McWhir
Produced by Peter Bull (Above the Stag)

Set Design by David Shields

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Lighting – very saturated on actors faces, many dark spots which the actors successfully found
Sound – lyrics overcome by Reverb
Costumes – someone stole some Borg parts and glued them onto the actors’ faces.
Set – absolutely amazing! Like a pop-up art installation. By the end of the show I was still discovering and wondering at the Set!

As for what the show was all about – no clue!

Here’s what the Producer says:

An unmissable chance to hear Erasure star Andy Bell in an intimate theatre setting, where he will be joined by West End star Peter Straker and dance-floor diva Lana P.

Bell plays the age-defying, polysexual hero Torsten. Torsten is living a bizarrely long life, and has gathered an impressive history of lovers – while never getting close to any of them. Through a series of smart, catchy and often beautiful songs – written for Bell’s gorgeous tenor voice – he counts his loves and losses, while two former flames unite in their treasured memories and bawdy lives.

Recommended for ages 16+ – contains adult themes.