Trumpageddon (3 Stars)

Kings Head Theatre
Oct 16th to Nov 8th 2016

due to demand, an additional date has been added on Monday 14th November at 7pm!!!

“580,963 people signed a petition to ban Donald J. Trump from entering the UK. Yet he’s here in London in all his horrifying glory. Immerse yourself in Trump’s vision of the world before he blows it to kingdom come. Witness the way he works an audience up into a fervour, ask him all the burning questions and see what a world would be like if The Donald was president. From five-star writer and performer Simon Jay, this absurdist satire of the next US President is as demented, hysterical and disturbed as the man himself”.

Produced by The King’s Head Theatre
in association with Jay Bird Productions
Performed by Simon Jay

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What can you say – “Trump as President spirals the USA and possibly the Free World into Armageddon?”
Well, the final results aren’t yet in, but it’s looking very likely that this preposterous proposition will become reality.

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The stage is set with a small podium, backed by the American Stars and Stripes, bunting, balloons, presents, cards. Congratulatory objects created by Trump for Trump. He looks scruffy, white powder on his lapel, he’s hyper and self-assured. This tongue in cheek parody of the baffoon is great company.

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He’ll pick on you and sneer – wherever you’re from. He’s hilarious and quick-witted, inviting Q&A which sometimes triggers a tirade he’s expecting to give and sometimes making him think on his feet. Like a male version of a Drag Queen in a working men’s club. But this is not a working men’s audience – here you’ve got a sophisticated crowd from the UK, America, Australia……all here to have a laugh.

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Simon’s skill lies in being objectionable while lovable. It’s a fine balance between portraying the man we all hate while staying entertaining and funny. It’s a cliff-edge performance that’s handled well! He maintains a global perspective of his performance, poking fun at Trump while poking fun at the audience.

Due to high demand he’s added another performance to his schedule – and this time it’s after he’s performing after the elections on Monday 14th November! Now that will be even more interesting!!!!!

A great fun show!

Performance Dates
October 16th 2016 – November 8th 2016
Sundays and Mondays, 8.45pm

The King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN

Ticket Price                         £18/£15
Box Office                           King’s Head Theatre (, 0207 226 8561