McEwan Hall
til 27th Aug

“Join Tutu on a hilarious journey, a tribute to dance, where comedy and incredible dance skills intertwine seamlessly. Featuring an all-male cast of six dancers decked out in ever-changing flamboyant costumes. Choreographed by Philippe Lafeuille, Tutu pays homage to the dance world that can sometimes take itself a little too seriously. In Tutu, no one is safe from his playful eye, as he shatters stereotypes and makes dance accessible to all. Yes, a bare-chested tutu-clad man can perform a stunningly graceful pointe solo! Tutu is a celebration of dance in all its glory!”

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 stars

Lots and lots of fun creative ideas and brilliantly comedic performance adorn this show from French troupe “Chicos Mambo”. Covering many styles of dance from classical ballet, ballroom, greek tragedy, contemporary and hip hop.

The dancers are brilliant – six male dancers doing dance sketches that are mainly hilarious. With gender-bender costumes and the males taking on prima balleria roles and point work their skill and talent shines through.

Most of the lighting works with shutter cuts that create corridors of light. A particular scene where invisible “lifters” elevate the dancers in gravity-defying hilarious moves is really rather wonderful!

Not all the sketches work. The drama class setion didn’t really land with the public. With so many ideas there is room to pick and choose what to include rather than throw it all into the mix. Sometimes less is more.

But who doesn’t want to watch six fit young bare chested men dance athletically? Definitely a show to include in your Fringe Festival visit.