WALK MAN (Ed Fringe 2022), 4 Stars

Zoo Southside
14th – 20th and 22nd – 28th Aug at 12:15

“DON GNU digs into the tediousness of everyday routines in search of poetry and humour in a performance with muscular physicality and edgy stunt tricks.
One ordinary day, four ordinary men take a walk through a city. They readily follow unwritten and strict rules of good behaviour and norms of social etiquette until one of them suddenly decides to rebel…
With trademark DON GNU “everyday stunts” and raw physicality, WALKMAN is a performance in which the ground is literally swept away from under the feet of four men walking. In a world where rules, norms and routines no longer apply, a pedestrian is not simply a person crossing the street and common understanding of “good behaviour” falls apart. You will never cross the street in the same way again!

WALKMAN is the first performance of a trilogy about the extraordinary experiences of ordinary life.
DON GNU guarantees physical action theatre and dance combined in a playful and poetic man power universe!
The company was founded in 2010 by the two choreographers Jannik Elkær and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen, who also constitute the artistic duo at the helm of DON GNU. Today the company is one of the most touring companies in Denmark. In addition to extensive tour activities in Denmark, DON GNU has also toured in all the Nordic Countries, South Korea, Canada, big parts of Europe and Cuba”

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

The show has a rather slow start with the dancers laying wooden boards – dropping, sliding, tilting them into place. They become a walkway, a cat walk, a three-dimensional statue used as a projection screen, a balance board. Quite a few inventive setups. A pedestrian cross-walk is then laid out and the “intern” character vocally creates the sound of “Walk/Don’t Walk”. While this was entertaining initially, it went on for nearly 20 minutes thereby becoming over-stretched.

Once the sound track kicked in the show came alive and lived up to the expectations of the raw physicality that can be obtained by 4 x male dancers who’s split second timings allow for daring lifts, throws and jumps – sometimes from the potentially unstable foothold of the dynamic wooden boards.

There are many different dance rhythms – from Bollywood, to Samba, to contemporary – not necessarily performed authentically but certainly danced with style and flair. It was energetic, pacy, modern and unique, with intricate partner and group work meshed into the acrobatic movements.

A thrilling and exciting performance piece not to be missed!

Photo credit: Christoffer Brekne

Further information

Show trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLI21MxS0G8&t=8s

WalkMan by Don Gnu at Zoo Southside

August 1428, 12.15 pm everyday (except Aug 21)

WALK MAN is part of the #DANISH showcase at Edinburgh Fringe 2022 presented by The Danish Arts
Foundation and produced by WILDTOPIA. The showcase is supported by The Embassy of Denmark in
the UK.