You are going to die
Vault Festival
14th to 19th March 2023

“Performed entirely naked, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE is a nail-biting descent into the loneliness, pain and existential anxiety of our time. A surreal meditation to remind you of your impending annihilation.

Brace yourself for a shared purge, as this show illuminates the darkest corners of the human psyche, kindles compassion in the most unlikely of places, and encourages us to reemerge from these depths together with kindness and humility.

It’s fucking funny too.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

Hard to define, but certainly thought-provoking – bonkers, weird, bold, brave, unique, skillful, clowning, multi-layered, talented, grotesque, caricature, funny. As overheard while I was leaving after the show “what the bloody hell was that?” Well I can’t answer that question but it is undeniably funny, brilliant and unforgettable.

Adam Scott-Rowley has yet again brought something very random and original onto the playing field. It  aligns with his previous performance piece “This is not culturally significant” and perhaps should have the same title but as “Chapter 2”.

Although Adam is technically naked for this performance he doesn’t look naked. There is body paint that adds a layer on his skin but of no particular pattern or reason that I could discern. With a grubbied down toilet on stage which he sits on and licks the seat, and a hilarious audience participation song about a dildo hanging out of his arse, this is unlikely to tour to your local Sally Army hall. He doesn’t represent convention as I know it.

The piece is well supported with a strong technical team. The lights and sound are spot on and matching the dynamism of the characters and script. The stories may be a little hard to grasp but the characters are certainly vivid.

And where this show excels is Adam’s body language, vocal skills and facial expressions. Just incredible performance skills that are second to none.

Cast & Creative Team
Created and Performed by: ADAM SCOTT-ROWLEY
Lighting Design: MATT CATER